Freycinet Tasmania Pinot Noir 2018 Wine Review

Freycinet Vineyard is located on the east coast of Tasmania, is a highly regarded producer of pinot noir and the region’s oldest winery. This wine review is of Freycinet’s 2018 release pinot noir, which at the time of writing is their current release. 2018 vintage conditions in east coast Tasmania appeared somewhat mixed, battling rainContinue reading “Freycinet Tasmania Pinot Noir 2018 Wine Review”

Laurel Bank Riesling Tasmania 2016

Laurel Bank is a small north facing vineyard near Hobart, along the Derwent river. This proved a first class expression of cool climate dry riesling and has aromas of stones, smoke and lemon. The palate is dry, with crisp acidity and good length. Ready to drink now, this wine should improve over the next decadeContinue reading “Laurel Bank Riesling Tasmania 2016”

Riversdale Estate Tasmania Syrah Block 20 Musca 2015

This syrah from Riversdale Estate is from a different vintage (2015) and is quite different in style to their 2017 syrah reviewed here. ¬†It opens to distinctive aromatics of brine, wet rosemary and sea salt. ¬†The palate is wild, gamey and spicy. ¬†Some length is there under the layers. ¬†Light to medium bodied, this wineContinue reading “Riversdale Estate Tasmania Syrah Block 20 Musca 2015”

Riversdale Estate Syrah Tasmania 2017

Riversdale Estate is in the warm (for Tasmania) Coal River Valley region. ¬†Their 2017 syrah is pretty good. ¬†As befits the climate, this syrah is northern Rh√īne like in terms of style rather than South Australian (think Saint Joseph) with aromas of red fruit, pepper, cloves, mineral and gravel. ¬†The palate is medium bodied, withContinue reading “Riversdale Estate Syrah Tasmania 2017”

Ten Minutes by Tractor – 2016 single vineyard Mornington Peninsula (and Tasmania) pinot noirs

Ten Minutes by Tractor have again managed to produce a number of high quality, interesting and varied single vineyard pinot noirs, this time from the 2016 vintage. ¬†This is a warm and early vintage in the Mornington Peninsula as outlined in my post on the whites (see here) and the vineyards are the same, withContinue reading “Ten Minutes by Tractor – 2016 single vineyard Mornington Peninsula (and Tasmania) pinot noirs”

Tolpuddle Pinot Noir Tasmania 2016

After tasting a very good earlier vintage from this highly regarded Tasmanian pinot noir label (possibly the 2015), the 2016 was more typical than enthralling. There’s a worked aroma of stems, rosemary and florals. The palate is mid weight and fruity in expression, cherries mostly. Rating: Good. Abv: 13%. Price: $80.