Bernhard Huber Malterdinger Spätburgunder 2015

This is a very good pinot noir from Bernard Huber in Baden, Germany. ¬†Stylistically, it is much closer to Burgundy than new world pinot noir. ¬†Its aroma has herbal and cherry notes, and is both savoury and restrained. ¬†The palate has resolutely firm acidity and good length. ¬†Ready to drink now, this moreish pinot noir/sp√§tburgunderContinue reading “Bernhard Huber Malterdinger Sp√§tburgunder 2015”

Weingut Bernard Huber Malterdinger Pinot Noir 2013

Part of studying for the MW means tasting random wines from time to time, and then realising that entire industries are built around what ostensibly appeared an excursion along a less well trodden path. ¬†Even this German pinot noir from Baden – and normal people have tuned out long before the subregion of Baden isContinue reading “Weingut Bernard Huber Malterdinger Pinot Noir 2013”