Oberkircher Winzer Spätburgunder 2014 Wine Review

I found this wine filed away under cabernet blends in a wine list. I was pretty sure it wasn’t a Baden cabernet, with spätburgunder being pinot noir and German cabernet being uncommon. A nascent thought was that the confusion might be based in fact, some until now unforeseen German wine label complexity. German wine labels have defeated me previously, will probably to do so again in the future and despite simplification efforts retain a knack for extra words and difficulty. The wine however wasn’t cabernet in any of its forms. It opened to a light cherry character together with pinched and modest crisp red fruit aromas that could only be pinot noir. The palate was dry with the marked high acidity of German pinot noir and a continuing cherry character. The wine finished pleasantly if adequately. To conclude, this proved to be a straightforward wine that may have been more vibrant in its youth and suits drinking up. Rating: Acceptable to Good. Website: Producer. Reviewed: August 2021.





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