Bordeaux 2015 tasting in Napa

This tasting took place in Napa in February 2020 just before the global pandemic took hold. This post though is not about Napa wine but the annual Institute of Masters of Wine tasting of the 2015 Bordeaux vintage in bottle, a tasting which travels to London, Napa and Sydney. The setting was the centrally locatedContinue reading “Bordeaux 2015 tasting in Napa”

Institute of Masters of Wine Bordeaux 2014 in bottle Sydney tasting

Last weekend, the annual Institute of Masters of Wine Bordeaux tasting in bottle of the 2014 vintage took place in Sydney. I expected this to be a much more popular event than the previous year’s tasting of the 2013s (you can read my reviews of that tasting here) which was a poor vintage. But inContinue reading “Institute of Masters of Wine Bordeaux 2014 in bottle Sydney tasting”

IMW Annual Bordeaux tasting – 2013 vintage

Held in Sydney by the Institute of Masters of Wine on the weekend, this was a first close local look at the 2013 vintage of Bordeaux. The 2013 vintage in Bordeaux was, of course, rather dire. It saw a dismal spring, an early summer and catastrophic flowering. The vintage culminated with tropical weather at theContinue reading “IMW Annual Bordeaux tasting – 2013 vintage”

d’Yquem v Rieussec; Chateau d’Yquem 1989 and Chateau Rieussec 1988

The rather fortunate opportunity arose to taste two Sauternes wines blind together from two grand estates – Chateau d’Yquem and Chateau Rieussec. ¬†The results were very interesting. ¬†Would the d’Yquem be an unassailable beacon of Sauternes quality? ¬†Would it justify being five times the price of the Rieussec? ¬†Does label matter? ¬†Would the vintage makeContinue reading “d’Yquem v Rieussec; Chateau d’Yquem 1989 and Chateau Rieussec 1988”

A vinous round up

Here is a vinous round up of wine notes that I, for one reason or another, have not been quick enough to type out individual posts on, but nonetheless ought to be commented upon. ¬†There are some very good wines among these. ¬†In re-reading them, it is a bit of vinous Noah’s Ark which, moreContinue reading “A vinous round up”

Chateau de Suberne Loupiac 2006

Loupiac is one of the “acks” that surround Sauternes where much very good dessert wine can be had at remarkably fair prices considering the cost and effort it takes to produce high quality wines in this region. ¬†The 2006 Chateau de Suberne can be picked up for a song at under $40 for a 750mlContinue reading “Chateau de Suberne Loupiac 2006”