Henri Naudin Ferrrand Aligoté 2018 Wine Review

This wine review is of Henri Naudin Ferrand’s Bourgogne Aligoté from the 2018 vintage. Aligoté is an early drinking high acid white grape variety from Burgundy. In terms of repute, it sits quite some margin behind the world famous first white wine of this region, chardonnay. The wine will appeal to those seeking a ready to drink, high acid, local wine. In the glass, this wine is dry, moderate alcohol (12.0), light to medium bodied and starts and finishes on its high acidity. Some lees work adds texture and interest to the palate. Suitable for current drinking, its substitutes would be neutral Italian whites or muscadet from the Loire Valley. The wine is a good match for food where fruity flavours might jar. Rating: Good. Website: Producer; Vivino; Wine Searcher. Reviewed: August 2021.

As an aside, I read so many wine information sheets, it is nice to read fact based ones that are done well. This winery has an easy to follow library of their wines and how they are made, exactly. Here’s a link.





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