Vasse Felix Classic Dry Red Shiraz Cabernet 2009

Vasse Felix make some very good wines, and I am a long time supporter of their cabernet sauvignon.  However, this blend of shiraz and cabernet from 2009 retailing at the cheaper sub $20 price point, was not good in my opinion.

For a wine at this price, I was hoping for balanced, even good, drinking from the usually safe blend of shiraz and cabernet with some depth of fruit flavour.  Instead, plum jam, nail polish remover and alcohol made for simple, and raspy aromatics.  The alcohol was strong, and out of balance on the palate, with no real length, and some baked plum flavours to the side.  Tasting thin and over-alcoholic, I did not enjoy drinking this wine at all.  Poor

Abv: 14.5%
Price: $16.99
Vendors: Check
Tasted: 2013
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