Dalwhinnie Shiraz 2006 Wine Review

This wine review is of Dalwhinnie‚Äôs 2006 Moonambel shiraz from the Pyrenees region in western Victoria. Dalwhinnie is the leading producer in this remote region. The shiraz style here is a crossover style – syrah like in manner, but in a warmer climate form with richer fruit. It reminds a little of Margaret River shiraz,Continue reading “Dalwhinnie Shiraz 2006 Wine Review”

Mitchell Harris Sabre Vintage Sparkling 2013

This is a pretty serious sparkling wine from Mitchell Harris. ¬†From the 2013 vintage, it is made “properly” (aka using the traditional method), is a blend of 75/25 chardonnay/pinot noir and spent 40 months on lees. ¬†The fruit is from Macedon and the Pyrenees. ¬†In the glass, the aroma is clean and reminds of lemons.Continue reading “Mitchell Harris Sabre Vintage Sparkling 2013”

Mitchell Harris Cabernet Sauvignon Pyrenees 2015

This is an interesting Pyrenees cabernet sauvignon from Mitchell Harris Wines. ¬†The 2015 vintage of this wine sees 10% whole bunch fermentation, which I think imparts some overtly fruity aromatics and a style almost reminiscent of a Loire Valley cab franc. ¬†In the glass, there are aromas of pastille and blackcurrant. ¬†The palate has greatContinue reading “Mitchell Harris Cabernet Sauvignon Pyrenees 2015”

Mitchell Harris Wines Pyrenees Mataro 2013

The release notes refer to a “rare find in the Pyrenees”. ¬†That’s what I was thinking too, as I haven’t seen a lot of mataro (aka mourv√®dre) in these parts. ¬†A cooler climate, more elegant, expression of this grape variety is being chased. ¬†And this goal seems perfectly plausible in the temperate Pyrenees. ¬†It’s aContinue reading “Mitchell Harris Wines Pyrenees Mataro 2013”

Mitchell Harris Wines Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

This is “two from two” in terms of the quality of Mitchell Harris Wines’ new red releases (see my review of their shiraz here). ¬†Cabernet sauvignon is suited, I think, to the Pyrenees and this is a very good example of why. ¬†From the Peerick vineyard in the Moonambel hills, the wine is matured forContinue reading “Mitchell Harris Wines Pyrenees Cabernet Sauvignon 2013”

Mitchell Harris Pyrenees Shiraz 2013

The Pyrenees are a lovely part of Victoria with its rolling hills, and well worth a visit. ¬†This is a really good shiraz from Mitchell Harris Wines. ¬†The grapes are handpicked and the winemaking feels right up-to-date. ¬†It sees 2% viognier co-fermented (although you wouldn’t know it), 25% whole bunches (used very judiciously), wild yeastContinue reading “Mitchell Harris Pyrenees Shiraz 2013”