Marc Brédif Chinon 2017 Wine Review

This wine review is of Marc Brédif’s 2017 Chinon from the Loire Valley.  If you enjoy Loire Valley cabernet franc, you can contrast it to recent wine reviews here of a Saumur from the same 2017 vintage and a Saumur-Champigny from the warmer 2018 vintage. The Chinon style here is similar to the Saumur wine,Continue reading “Marc Brédif Chinon 2017 Wine Review”

Sauvion Les Roches Cachées Chinon 2016

This wine is textbook Chinon from the Loire Valley.  It has aromas of crisp red raspberries and strawberry, a medium body and a dry, high acid finish with a twist of tobacco.  A fresh and enjoyable style that is ready to drink now.  Rating: Good.  Price: $29. Abv: 12.5. Website: Reviewed: May 2020.

Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Granges 2015

Bernard Baudry’s “Les Granges” Chinon is a wine I have returned to over the years.  The 2015 vintage has aromas of leather and tobacco.  The palate is light to medium bodied with an elegant expression, if lacking in complexity.  Slightly disappointing, it seems a little dilute this year.  (Region: Chinon, Loire Valley, France, Rating: AcceptableContinue reading “Bernard Baudry Chinon Les Granges 2015”

Chateau de Coulaine Chinon 2015

Happily, producers such as Punt Road in the Yarra Valley are starting to produce delicious medium bodied cabernet franc styles without too much oak in the style of Chinon in the Loire Valley in France.  Both Chinon and these new wave Australian styles are still not easy however to find on Australian shores.  I spottedContinue reading “Chateau de Coulaine Chinon 2015”

Couly-Dutheil Les Gravières d’Amador Abbé de Turpenay Chinon 2009

Well, I concede that the name of this wine is the sort of thing that puts some off French wine.  It’s long, it’s complicated and, unless you know your regions, you still don’t know what’s inside the bottle!  But it’s a really good wine, it is in a style regrettably not seen in Australia andContinue reading “Couly-Dutheil Les Gravières d’Amador Abbé de Turpenay Chinon 2009”

Bernard Baudry Les Granges 2012

Oddly enough, sometimes it’s the wines I enjoy regularly that I forget to write about.  Chinon fills a certain spot for me, and the 2012 vintage of Bernard Baudry’s Les Granges doesn’t disappoint.  A medium intensity ruby in colour, it has aromatics that remind of raspberry, game, stems, deli meats and tobacco.  The palate hasContinue reading “Bernard Baudry Les Granges 2012”