Beane to Buxy, with some practice blending along the way

The next instalment of my Burgundy trip is from Beaune to Buxy, with a little blending along the way. Last stop in Beaune Last but not least of our visits in Beaune was Domaine Maillard Père & Fils situated at Chorey-Les-Beaunes.  This was a short tasting with our knowledgeable guide dressed by French winemaker central casting.Continue reading “Beane to Buxy, with some practice blending along the way”

Chablis to Beaune

Having just returned from France (again) having climbed the rather silly distance of more than 9,000 metres on a bicycle through the Alps, it seems almost a relief to return to writing about wine.  This write up is of the trip from Chablis to Beaune. The first of many new facts to dawn upon meContinue reading “Chablis to Beaune”

Paris to Chablis

Jetlag recovered, the first stop on the wine itinerary was Chablis.  I suspect due to pre-conceptions of cold winters and frost, I had always thought of Chablis as being a little north of Paris, notwithstanding I know France reasonably well.  In fact, it is a roughly 2 hour drive south-east of Paris, which made meContinue reading “Paris to Chablis”

Melbourne to Paris

Well, it has been a fantastic week touring Burgundy’s wine regions.  My bold plan to post after each day’s visits ended as it started – a bold plan.  Instead, it proved to be an extensive week of learning, wine tasting, vineyard and winery visits, supplemented by an even more extensive diet and spun together byContinue reading “Melbourne to Paris”

Cabernet franc, Australian plantings, history and styles; early thoughts

Having tasted a few local cabernet francs over the past fortnight or so has rather led to a desire on my part to find out more about the history of the grape variety in Australia.  Part of this is because I’ve always wondered if there were local producers out there who are trying for aContinue reading “Cabernet franc, Australian plantings, history and styles; early thoughts”

When carignan is not carignan

I read an interesting story earlier in the week by Max Allen in The Australian newspaper.  Max is a strong supporter of carignan and thinks it eminently suited for the hot and dry conditions faced in much of Australia. In short, Max’s story is this: Shadowfax winery in Werribee in western Melbourne (towards Geelong) graftedContinue reading “When carignan is not carignan”