The Rutherglen renaissance

Rutherglen vines in the morning mist. Rutherglen as a tourist destination provides a vision of a rural idyll surrounded by Victorian buildings, vineyards, sheep and intertwined family history. ¬†To borrow a concept from Bernard Salt, at around 300 kilometres from Melbourne and further still from Sydney, it is comfortably out of the orbit of theContinue reading “The Rutherglen renaissance”

Bordeaux en primeur 2015 underway; some Australian price comparatives

Prices are starting to trickle out from Bordeaux’s 2015 campaign. ¬†Sitting in Australia, there is always an interesting exercise to be done looking at the release prices in Europe as against the selling prices proposed in Australia. ¬†The tyrannies of distance and Australian wine taxes continue to play their role in ensuring that this comparisonContinue reading “Bordeaux en primeur 2015 underway; some Australian price comparatives”

Tasmanian vineyards map

I have been slowly reading through Tony Walker’s new book Vintage Tasmania: The Complete Book of Tasmanian Wine¬†(Providore Island Tasmania, 2014). ¬†I won’t talk about the book now, other than to note that it has an interesting cross reference in it to a Wine Tasmania website. ¬†Hitherto undiscovered (by me that is), Wine Tasmania hasContinue reading “Tasmanian vineyards map”

Notes from a Barolo and Barbaresco (and Brunello) tasting

I am not very good at posting notes from wine tastings. ¬†I usually pick out one or two that I really liked and write those up immediately, whilst the others remain tucked away somewhere, probably to resurface in the washing. ¬†And, yes, that includes those typed into my phone. ¬†So to break the cycle (andContinue reading “Notes from a Barolo and Barbaresco (and Brunello) tasting”

Last stop: Beaujolais

I couldn’t help but like the vignerons that I met in Beaujolais.  The region immediately appeared more accessible and the level of enthusiasm for this mostly unloved region more palpable.  Here, we visited the Cave du Ch√Ęteau de Ch√©nas, Cave du Ch√Ęteau des Loges and the Vignerons des Pierres Dor√©es. A view from Mt Brouilly.Continue reading “Last stop: Beaujolais”

The M√Ęconnais to Beaujolais

The second last instalment of my tour de Burgundy, covers the M√Ęcon through to Beaujolais.  These two regions are perhaps unquestionably the most beautiful to visit as a tourist.  M√Ęcon for its hills and escarpments, Beaujolais for the vines that cloak its hills as far as the eye can see.  The food increased in elaborationContinue reading “The M√Ęconnais to Beaujolais”