Ten Minutes by Tractor – Wallis and Judd single vineyard pinot noirs from 2015

I’ve previously reviewed Ten Minutes by Tractor’s other single vineyard wines from Coolart Road and McCutcheon from the 2015 vintage (here and here).  The Coolart Road 2015 is stunning, and I have since bought some for the cellar.  I’m willing to back my views.  The remaining two single vineyard releases are from the Judd and Wallis vineyards and also from the 2015 vintage.

Ten Minutes by Tractor Wallis Vineyard 2015
Tasting this wine, it nears the Coolart Road wine in terms of heights and may even surpass it with time in the cellar.  This wine has a perfume and balance on the palate that is superlative.  It has aromas of cherry, florals and potpourri.  I wrote “pinosity” but that isn’t a word.  Oddly enough it seems to be a google search though.  The palate has long length, a plump middle palate, but enough delicacy and edge to suggest a long life ahead.  (Region: Mornington Peninsula, Rating: Outstanding, Tasted: May, 2017, Source: Sample)

Ten Minutes by Tractor Judd Vineyard 2015
The 2015 Judd vineyard pinot noir has aromas of stems and rosemary bush.  Peninsula tea trees came to mind.  The palate is mid weight with a balanced, delicate and spiced expression of pinot noir.  This is a well made wine and in a more traditional MP pinot noir style.  (Region: Mornington Peninsula, Rating: Good to Very Good, Tasted: April, 2017, Source: Sample)

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Other vintages reviewed:

Vintage Rating Review
2012 (Judd)
Very Good
2013 (Wallis)
Very Good

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