Price, quality and a Rioja wine

Price and quality are not always correlated.  This humble wine from Berberana, a Rioja Gran Reserva from the 2005 vintage, ably demonstrates this point.  I found it for around the $20 mark in the “other” section of a major retailer, reviewed it back in 2012 (see here) and promptly returned to buy the remainder on the shelf.  Budget permitting, I buy or standby what I recommend here.  Four years later, the wine is still impressive and largely my tasting note still stands from 2012.  Remarkable for the price.

Perhaps though it is the Rioja region itself that tends to throw up these types of aged bargains, particularly in the Reserva and Gran Reserva categories (as long as you don’t mind the barrel ageing)?  Since seemingly every other wine style I like enjoys fanatical and determined demand at the pointy end of the quality pyramid, it is nice to find something out there that is underpriced.  Maybe, just maybe though, there are more out there.  To that end, suggestions as to other regions (or better still producers) that you think are underpriced relative to quality gratefully received…

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