Bordeaux en primeur 2015 underway; some Australian price comparatives

Prices are starting to trickle out from Bordeaux’s 2015 campaign.  Sitting in Australia, there is always an interesting exercise to be done looking at the release prices in Europe as against the selling prices proposed in Australia.  The tyrannies of distance and Australian wine taxes continue to play their role in ensuring that this comparison can make difficult reading for the wine lover.

Here’s a little snap shot so far in the order of European release price, release price in Australian dollars and local en primeur price offered.  The en primeur prices are ex-negociant sourced from, the Australian dollar conversion is A$1 = Euro 0.64582 sourced from and the Australian prices from  Each of the prices were accessed today (7 May 2016).

Chateau Gazin, Pomerol

Euro 45.60, A$70.61, EP offer A$130.  Australian price: 84.1% higher.

Chateau Doisy-Vedrines, Sauternes, Barsac

Euro 23.50, A$36.39, EP offer A$70.  Australian price: 91.6% higher.

Chateau Labegorce, Margaux

Euro 18.00, A$27.87, EP offer A$52.  Australian price: 86.6% higher.

Chateau Guiraud, Sauternes

Euro 30.00, A$46.45, EP offer A$86.  Australian price: 85.1% higher.

Clearly, Australia remains an expensive place to buy wine, and the difference is mostly due to our wine taxation system.  The latter topic has enjoyed a litany of commentary following this week’s Federal budget and proposed reforms to a taxpayer funded wine tax refund that benefits certain producers.  If you spot more en primeur wines being released in Australia or any errors in my calculations(!), please comment and add to the comparison.


  1. Scary isn't it. Ex-Negociants prices aren't real though – Gazin will be more like £50 once VAT is paid so circa $100 AUD. Oh and Langtons aren't the cheapest 😉

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