Francis Blanchet Calcite Pouilly Fumé 2012

Happy new year!  Francis Blanchet here has produced a very good sauvignon blanc from the Pouilly Fumé appellation in the Loire Valley.  Grown on kimmeridgian clay soils similar to some of the soils in Chablis, it had me reflecting that this wine smells and tastes as it should.  The aromatics remind of smoke, minerals, and dare I say it seems “flinty”.

I say “dare I say”, as there has been recent discussion to the effect that flint as a rock has no smell, and therefore questioning its extensive use in wine references.  Although I am very sympathetic to technical accuracy, one might argue that (i) there is in fact an aroma to be described and (ii) the term flinty is understood to communicate that particular aroma and, therefore, whether we call that aroma flint or a blue elephant, is of a lesser importance if the content of the aroma is communicated by this word.

The wine is very appealing, either way.  The palate is balanced, with hints of green melon (not green men as the autocorrect helpfully suggests), washed stones and red grapefruit.  Classy and refined come to mind, and this is an easy wine to recommend.

Rating: Good to Very Good, Abv: 12.5%, Price: $39.50, Source: sample, Vendors:, Website:, Tasted: 2015

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