Citadine Chardonnay 2011

Citadine is a relatively new label produced by winemaker Kirby Siemering, trained in microbiology and genetics.  This wine, as far as I can tell is Kirby’s first release of chardonnay with grapes sourced from the Red Hill region in the Mornington Peninsula.  Grown on the rich volcanic soils of Red Hill, the grapes saw a wild yeast fermentation then maturation for one year on lees with 30% single use oak, and the remainder older oak.

Bread, cereal, oak, white nectarine and pink lady apple are present by way of aroma.  Some brine and bruised fruit characters appear momentarily.  Fortunately, they promptly depart.  The palate is medium bodied with the bread, cereal and apple notes carrying through, some acidity poking out with time in the glass, and lemon tang edges.  Tasting and re-tasting this wine over the course of a day, some grass and lemon pith flavours emerge too.  Soft and subtle length and flavour build with time in the glass, although tasting and re-tasting it, I think the wine lacks some intensity of flavour and appears a little dilute at times, probably due to the wet 2011 vintage.  Nonetheless, this is a balanced wine reflecting its vintage that is certainly easy to drink and has a moreish character.  Acceptable (with glimpses of Good)

Abv: 12.5%
Price: t.b.a.
Source: sample
Vendors: Check or
Tasted: 2012





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