Salena Estate You, Me and Pinot Grigio 2020 Wine Review

This wine is a soundly made pinot grigio ros√© from Salena Estate and Riverland fruit in South Australia. It is the ubiquitous salmon ros√© in colour and has aromas of florals, a medium body, 12.0 alcohol and a dry finish. Suitable for current drinking. Rating: Acceptable. Website: Producer; Vivino; Wine Searcher. Source: Sample. Reviewed: SeptemberContinue reading “Salena Estate You, Me and Pinot Grigio 2020 Wine Review”

Angove Studio Series Sauvignon Blanc 2016

This is a sound sauvignon blanc from Angove. ¬†Made from Riverland fruit, it has a varietal aroma of passionfruit and grass. ¬†The palate is dry, medium bodied, its alcohol low at 11.5% and acidity is not prominent. ¬†I have not been able to find a price, but at around $10 it will provide pleasant drinking.Continue reading “Angove Studio Series Sauvignon Blanc 2016”

Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Durif 2015

Durif, known as petite sirah in North America and South America, produces full bodied, deeply coloured and prodigiously powerful wines. ¬†This is a good example of durif from Alex Russell Wines from the Riverland, a climate to which this variety is suited. ¬†Its aromatics are warm and cuddly, with leather, licorice and raisin cake notes.Continue reading “Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Durif 2015”

Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Vermentino 2015

This is a vermentino from Alex Russell Wines in the Riverland. ¬†The grape is widely grown in Italy and southern France. ¬†In Sardinia in Italy, it is picked early to retain acidity levels, and I rather expect this is what has occurred here too in the Riverland with this wine’s modest alcohol of only 11.5%.Continue reading “Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Vermentino 2015”

Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Lagrein 2015

I’ve been impressed by what Alex Russell Wines have being doing with alternative varietals in the Riverland wine region. ¬†Lagrein is indigenous to the Alto Adige and Trentino wine regions in northern alpine Italy where it can produce deeply coloured, tannic and sometimes bitter reds. ¬†These regions in Italy are not as cool climate asContinue reading “Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Lagrein 2015”

Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Montepulciano 2014

This is an interesting montepulciano from Alex Russell Wines’ smartly labelled “Alejandro range”. ¬†You don’t see too much montepulciano in Australia, and you will see even less on the label due to my photographical skills, unless you are inclined to look particularly closely. ¬†The vine is most widely planted in Abruzzo in Italy, where itContinue reading “Alex Russell Wines Alejandro Montepulciano 2014”