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PF Organic Shiraz No Preservatives Added 2016

I think in the rush to pronounce particular foods or additives as “good” or “bad”, sometimes things can be lost.  Sulphur dioxide (a preservative) in wine for example can engender caution and in some cases, concern.  Yet it is an active antimicrobial agent that helps minimise bacterial spoilage and red wine has substantially lower levels of sulphur dioxide levels than things we consume routinely, such as dried fruit.  Therefore, its converse i.e. no preservatives or no added preservatives, might well seem better than it is in the context of wine.   Nonetheless, if a winemaker is skilled enough to produce sound wines without preservative additions, such wines can have wonderful primary expressions of fruit.

This wine from David O’Dea – clearly marked as preservative free and organic – happily falls into the skilled group.  Its aromatics are unquestionably fruit driven, reminding of walking into a winery – all raisins, plums and estery fruit.  The palate is enjoyable and primary, in what is a particularly vivid impression of shiraz.  (Alc: 14%, Region: Central Ranges, New South Wales, Rating: Good, Drink: now)

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Source: sample

Lowe Tinja Preservative Free Organic Shiraz 2015

I was fully prepared not to like this wine, expecting it might be more about being preservative free, than about being good wine.  Not so though.  I loved it.  Like walking into a winery, it has fresh, estery aromatics of blueberry and cherry.  Almost Beaujolais like.  The palate is not so much about depth or power or even varietal typicity, but more about freshness and clean gluggable wine, with lovely cherry and blueberry flavours.  An enjoyable release.

Rating: Good
Abv: 12% 
Price: $22
Source: sample 
Vendors and website: http://www.lowewine.com.au
Tasted: 2015