St Mary’s Pinot Noir 2013

St Mary’s make some very good cabernet and shiraz, as is witnessed by my previous reviews. ¬†This wine’s a pinot noir from the same terroir. ¬†Now, you don’t see a lot of pinot noir in Coonawarra. ¬†That the two might go together is not as non-sequitur as it might seem looking at the statistics. ¬†ForContinue reading “St Mary’s Pinot Noir 2013”

St Mary’s Shiraz 2013

St Mary’s in Penola produce a pretty good shiraz too, in addition to their cabernet sauvignon. ¬†Their 2013 shiraz has a sinewy thoughtful character that appeals. ¬†Its aromatics remind of plums and dried scrub (apologies to my non-Australian readers). ¬†The palate is balanced, medium bodied, and has characters that remind of twigs, tea trees andContinue reading “St Mary’s Shiraz 2013”

St Mary’s House Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

This is another good release cabernet sauvignon from St Mary’s winery in Penola, where a Coonawarra cabernet sauvignon is produced in all but name. ¬†The 2013 vintage has aromatics of eucalyptus, clove and a touch of cardamom. ¬†The palate builds substantially with air, developing between medium and long length and licorice and blackberry flavours. ¬†AllContinue reading “St Mary’s House Block Cabernet Sauvignon 2013”

St Mary’s Carillon 2013

St Mary’s is a winery that exhibits – to taste – all the hallmarks of Coonwarra’s classic terra rossa soils, yet for reasons which appear more overthought than sensible, it finds itself sitting in the lesser known Limestone Coast region. ¬†Upon learning of the Coonawarra boundary dispute – which St Mary’s fell on the otherContinue reading “St Mary’s Carillon 2013”

St Mary’s Cabernet Sauvignon House Block 2010

This wine rather tastes of a classic, tooth staining Coonawarra. ¬†Yet unexpectedly, Coonawarra does not in fact appear to appear on the label. ¬†Instead, only the substantially wider, and more humble, geographic indication of Limestone Coast is claimed. ¬†To add to the mystique, St Mary’s website refers to the vines as being grown on aContinue reading “St Mary’s Cabernet Sauvignon House Block 2010”