Topper’s Mountain Gewürtztraminer New England 2016

Gewürtztraminer is distinctively aromatic, and this wine is no exception.  It has resolute aromas of lychee that can only be gewürtz.  The palate is dry, there’s a freshness to the acidity and the impression is enveloping and broad.  This is a well made and very typical expression of gewürtztraminer that is ready to drink now.Continue reading “Topper’s Mountain Gewürtztraminer New England 2016”

Robert Stein Semillon Riesling Gewürtztraminer Mudgee 2017

This is a somewhat unusual white blend that finds semillon, riesling and gewürtztraminer together.  In the glass, it’s a pale yellow in colour, and has aromas that remind of grass and apple skins, perhaps explicable by the 7 day ferment on skins.  The palate is fresh and the acidity apple like.  Some CO2 and aContinue reading “Robert Stein Semillon Riesling Gewürtztraminer Mudgee 2017”

Topper’s Mountain Bricolage Blanc 2015

This wine has a bit of everything in it.  Oaked chardonnay, oaked sauvignon blanc, gewürztraminer and petit manseng.  I can imagine the blending sessions were a lot of fun, or challenging or both.  From New England in northern New South Wales, the Topper’s Mountain capsule has Italian style paper wrapping which makes the initial pourContinue reading “Topper’s Mountain Bricolage Blanc 2015”

Topper’s Mountain Barrel Aged Gewürtztraminer 2015

Gewürtztraminer has little profile in Australia, but Topper’s Mountain in New England have produced not one, but two styles in the 2015 vintage.  They are both good too.  The “barrel fermented” gewürtz reviewed here presents with lychee, candy and smoke at the edges.  The palate is dry, with a full body and good length.  There’sContinue reading “Topper’s Mountain Barrel Aged Gewürtztraminer 2015”

Topper’s Mountain New England Gewürtztraminer 2015

This is a lovely gewürtz from Topper’s Mountain in New England, a grape variety that sees little attention in Australia.  It has aromatics of Turkish delight, ginger and spice with a mineral backdrop.  The palate is full bodied with good length, flavour and balance.  A good release. Rating: GoodAbv: 13.5%Price: $35Source: sampleVendors and website: reading “Topper’s Mountain New England Gewürtztraminer 2015”

Huntington Estate Gewürtztraminer 2015

Weighing in at only 11.8%abv, this seemed early picked in style for a gewürztraminer wine (aka traminer).  Gerwürtz classically produces full bodied styles of wine with low acidity and alcohol in the 14% range.  The 2015 vintage from Huntington Estate in Mudgee has classic Turkish delight and lychee perfume by way of aromatics.  The palateContinue reading “Huntington Estate Gewürtztraminer 2015”