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Gonet-Médeville Cru Monplaisir Bordeaux Supérieur 2015

This wine is a very good Bordeaux Supérieur, with the vineyard sitting just outside of Margaux. From the excellent 2015 vintage, it’s a merlot dominant blend of 75% merlot, 20% cabernet sauvignon and 5% cabernet franc. Generous in style, the wine opens to aromas of plums and red fruits. The palate is medium bodied, fleshy and has approachable tannins and good length. This is a very tasty fruit forward wine that will please. Rating: Good to Very Good. Abv: 14.5%. Price: $42. Source: Sample. Rating: Good to Very Good. Abv: 14.5%. Price: $42. Source: Sample.

Château Montrevel Bordeaux Supérieur 2014

This is a very smart Bordeaux Supérieur from Château Montrevel, which is part of Domaine Serisier. 100% merlot with fruit grown in Cadillac en Fronsadais near Libourne on Bordeaux’s right bank, this wine has restrained and savoury aromas of redcurrants and dried fruit. Resembling a Saint-Èmilion in style, the palate is medium bodied, with well handled cedar characters (its 100% new oak is devoured by the fruit and seemed much less), medium alcohol (13.5%), and is quite youthful and tannic in a way that merlot only achieves when attended to properly. The length on the finish is subtle and quite long. This is a very good release that drinks well now, but will improve further with time in the cellar. Rating: Very Good. Abv: 13.5%. Price: $65. Source: Sample.

Château Meillac Bordeaux 2012

Château Meillac is situated in Fronsac, and the 2012 vintage is a merlot dominant blend, together with some cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon.  The proportions are 85%, 12% and 3% respectively.  In the glass, it presents a very typical of Bordeaux from with merlot driven red berry and redcurrant aromatics.  The palate is well balanced, medium bodied and has raspberry red fruit characters.  At a little over $30, this is a good value Bordeaux choice.  (Alc: 13.5%, Region: Bordeaux, Rating: Good, Would I buy it based on this tasting? Yes, Drink: now to 2022, Tasted: Mar, 2017, Source: Sample)

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Vintage Rating Review
Good to Very Good
2009 (La Romane)
Good to Very Good

Château Meillac La Romane 2009

This is a very good wine from Château Meillac in Bordeaux.  It’s labelled as a Bordeaux Supérieur and is from the outstanding 2009 vintage in Bordeaux.  A merlot dominant blend from the Fronsadais region near Libourne and Saint-Émilion on the right bank in Bordeaux, it has aromatics of earth, spice, plums, blackcurrant and tobacco.  The palate has good length and a lovely texture.  A rather delicious and moreish release.

Rating: Good to Very Good
Abv: 13.5%
Price: please ask
Source: sample
Vendors and website: http://bordeauxandbeyond.com
Tasted: 2016

Le Bout du Monde Bordeaux Supérieur 2012

Source: www.serisier.co.uk

Le Bout du Monde is the collaboration of Richard Serisier and Stéphane Renié of Domaine Serisier.  The vineyard is situated on Bordeaux’s right bank, overlooking the Dordogne river on limestone (argilo-calcaire) soils.  The 2012 vintage here is made from 100% merlot, relatively unusual for the region.  As is usual however with Richard’s selections, and now his own wines, I find myself nodding in agreement.

The 2012 vintage of Le Bout du Monde has open aromatics that remind of blackberry, dried rosemary and thyme and there is a gravelly/dusty character intertwined.  The palate is balanced with a medium length finish, and enjoyable nuances of blackberry, blackcurrant and plum.  The tannins firm in structure as the wine is exposed to air, and while this wine rewards drinking now, I think it will improve in the bottle.

Rating: Good, Abv: 13.5%, Price: tba, Source: sample, Vendors: http://cesoirwine.com, Website: http://www.serisier.co.uk, Tasted: 2014

Pezat Bordeaux Supérieur 2011

Pezat is a blend of 85% merlot and 15% cabernet franc and is produced by Chateau Teyssier, which is a Saint-Émilion Grand Cru.  The Pezat from the 2011 vintage has a certain elegance and class to it.  It has aromatics of bright blackcurrant, cedar and juicy blackberry.  The palate has some deli meat and leather characters and, with air, redcurrant, plum and blackberry flavours emerge.  This is an elegant, balanced and enjoyable wine that can be approached now or over the next few years and is recommended.  It will benefit from at least 20 minutes in a decanter.

Rating: Good, Abv: 13%, Price: $46, Source: sample, Vendors: http://www.cesoirwine.com/, Website: http://www.teyssier.fr, Tasted: 2014

Chateau Meillac 2011

I taste a lot of Bordeaux and I think this wine is a particularly good find for its price.  It’s a blend of 85% merlot and 12% cabernet franc, with some cabernet sauvignon filling it out (3%) from the region of Fronsac to the west of Pomerol.  It has attractive aromatics of blackcurrant, leather and cedar.  The palate is medium bodied and balanced, has good length and a depth of blackcurrant and mulberry flavours that well surpasses the wine’s price point.  With some air, some fine grained tannins join in to supplement what is really quite a good wine.

Rating: Good to Very Good, Abv: 13%, Price: $26, Source: sample, Vendors: http://www.cesoirwine.com/, Website: http://www.chateau-meillac.com, Tasted: 2014

Chateau Labatut 2009

Regrettably, given my passion for the wines of Bordeaux, cheap Bordeaux wine can from time to time in my opinion and experience provide some very poor drinking.  This particular wine is an example.

A blend of 40% cabernet franc, 35% merlot and 25% cabernet sauvignon it hails from the stunning 2009 vintage, yet it fails to excite.  A medium intensity ruby in colour, it opens to aromatics of dusty oily kernels, crunchy herbs, medicine and tinned plums.  The palate has short length, with no real depth or even flavour.  On the second day, it tasted simply thin and its alcohol out of balance.  A disappointment.  Poor

Abv: 14.5%
Price: $15
Vendors: Check http://www.wine-searcher.com
Website: n/a
Tasted: 2013
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Chateau Beaulieu Comtes de Tastes 2009

For the Australian wine drinker, if I am to be a bit blunt, the wines of the Bordeaux Supérieur appellation usually make for a mixed, generally sparse, hunting ground, their main redeeming feature being low prices.  Fresher, more interesting and consistent wines, can often be found locally at similar price points.  Reflecting perhaps the grand vintage in Bordeaux in 2009, this vintage of Chateau Beaulieu (hitherto untasted by me) is in fact quite good.

A medium intensity ruby in colour, it opens to an aroma of fresh plums and brine, before settling into a more brooding expression of blackcurrants.  Blackcurrants are predominant on a balanced palate, with a little bit of length, fine grained tannins and cedar rounding it out.  Although unmistakably a Bordeaux Supérieur, this I think is a very good example of one, and can be consumed over the next few years.  84-85 points (good-very good)

Abv: 14%
Price: $21.10
Vendors: Vintage Cellars
Tasted: July 2012

Chateau L’Escart Eden 2009

For $15 a bottle, the 2009 vintage of Chateau L’Escart is not bad (a blend of 50% merlot and cabernet sauvignon).  A medium intensity ruby in colour, the aroma is mostly clean (there appeared to be a slight touch of “brett” – I don’t generally mind this in small doses – but you might), and is developing.

Raspberries, gravel, pepper, cloves and a touch of blackcurrants are there.  A bit of hay too.  The palate is dry, with mostly medium tannin, body and flavour intensity, and is balanced and pleasant.  For $15, it’s certainly worth a look, although I have experienced some bottle variation with this producer in earlier vintages.  84-85 points (good-very good)

Abv: 13%
Price: $15
Vendors: try Dan Murphy’s
Website: http://www.chateaulescart.com/
Tasted: May 2012