Alexis de Benoist

Domaine Alexis de Benoist Mâcon Villages Chardonnay 2018

This is only from the 2018 vintage, but already the wine has a golden colour.  This proves the key to this wine’s style.  It has a nutty, honeyed aroma and is already fully mature.  The palate has a touch of butter.  Impressions of nuts and honey contribute to a quite savoury finish.  I quite enjoyed its savoury nuttiness, but it is in a style that may divide if your preference is only for chardonnay in the current tight and mineral fashion.  I could see this presenting sublimely as a mature, by the glass option, paired with Lyonais style sausage.  Ready to drink.  Rating: Good (★★★, 85 points). Website: Domaine Alexis de Benoist. Tasted: June 2023.





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