Frédéric Puffeney Trousseau 2017

Frédéric Puffeney Arbois Trousseau

My first posted individual wine review for a little while. From ultra fashionable Jura, it is a trousseau from Frédéric Puffeney, the Arbois appellation and the 2017 vintage. Trousseau is not commonly seen, and is perhaps an acquired taste. Here it has aromas of damp earth, red berries and is a little rough in bearing. The palate is dry, its acidity noticeably high and its flavours a little sour. The tannins remind of peppercorns and there is an ever present earthiness. The alcohol is a highish 14.5. The wine style will have its adherents, but for me, it’s a one glass only proposition. Rating: Acceptable (). Reviewed: January 2022.





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