A few 1989 Saint-Juliens: Léoville Barton, Beychevelle and Gloria

Yet more excellent wine.  This time I had the fortune to taste three Saint-Juliens blind from the heralded 1989 Bordeaux vintage.  Neither vintage, grape variety nor region was disclosed in the tasting.  All three wines presented very well.  The Léoville-Barton in particular presented as a very typical Saint-Julien.

Chateau Léoville-Barton 1989, Saint-Julien
I last tasted this wine in 2014 (see my post here) finding it lighter and subtler compared with this tasting.  In fact, the wine is more like it was 6 years earlier when tasted in 2011(see my post here).  Diligent storage, I expect, is the common connection.  Tasted in March 2017, the 1989 Léoville-Barton has aromas of blackcurrants, smoke and a certain peppermint character.  The palate has quite long length and rather delicious tannins.  In its drinking prime, this is a great example from the 1989 vintage.  (Alc: 12.5%, Region: Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, Rating: Very Good to Outstanding, Would I buy it based on this tasting? Yes if storage assured, Drink: now, Tasted: March, 2017)

Chateau Beychevelle 1989, Saint-Julien
The Chateau Beychevelle presented as the lesser wine next to the Léoville-Barton, and displayed considerably more tertiary aged characters.  It’s frankly not unlike an older Yarra Valley cabernet in style.  The 1989 Beychevelle’s aroma is perfumed, with an expression of mature blackcurrants.  The palate has taken on a leafy character, with flashes of sweet fruit so distinctive in cabernets that are starting to dip out of their prime drinking window.  (Alc: NA, Region: Saint-Julien, Bordeaux, Rating: Good, Would I buy it based on this tasting? Curiosity would get the better of me – it’s an ’89 Bordeaux, Drink: now, Tasted: March, 2017)

Chateau Gloria 1989, Saint-Julien
Chateau Gloria presented in a more modern style, with aromatics of blackcurrant and bay leaf.  Bay leaf characters featured on the palate, with good length on the finish.  (Alc: 12.5%, Region: Saint-Julien, Rating: Very Good, Would I buy it based on this tasting? Yes, Drink: now, Tasted: March, 2017)

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