2013 vintage releases from the Wallis Vineyard: Ten Minutes by Tractor Pinot Noir and Chardonnay

Ten Minutes by Tractor have some wonderful vineyard maps on their website.  See here for their map of the Wallis vineyard, located in the Mornington Peninsula between Main Ridge and Flinders.  These are parts where the roads can meander and unexpectedly run to gravel; well, at least that seems to be what happens on my watch.  As usual, there is also a wealth of vineyard detail on 10X Tractor’s website.  In this case, the Wallis vineyard has an average slope of 4 degrees, reaches 142 metres at its highest point and the topsoil is a silty clay loam.  The chardonnay vines were planted in 1992 to the P58 clone, while the pinot noir vines were planted in 1995.  This seems quite recent to my mind, but is in fact more than 20 years ago and plenty of time in viticultural terms for the vines to show their wares.

The 2013 Wallis chardonnay is an utterly delicious wine.  It sees 20% new oak and a partial malolactic fermentation.  Its aromatics remind of cashews, lemon and minerals.  The palate has long length, the acidity is high and the cashew and mineral/linear characters continue.  There is a disguised power to this wine, with all components in balance.  Rating: Very Good to Outstanding, Abv: 13.6%, Price: $68

The 2013 Wallis pinot noir is a balanced and delicate pinot noir.  Its aromatics speak of cherries, pomegranate and cooking spices.  The palate is delicate and its body mid weight.  It is deceptively expressive and certainly in balance.  Quantities are small.  Rating: Very Good, Abv: 13.8%, Price: $75

Source: sample
Vendors and website: tenminutesbytractor.com.au
Tasted: 2016

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