Teusner Dog Strangler Mataro 2008

I felt this to be rather gamey and meaty for a shiraz, which of course, it isn’t.  Off to a flying start then.  It’s in fact rather good, as most Teusner wines tend to be.  And instead of shiraz, this is a mourvedre (aka mataro in some parts including the label) which typically expresses itself in a meaty fashion, which rather made sense of my initial thoughts.  The only objectors here are likely to be dogs, on the grounds that the wine is not actually meat, nor is the name of the wine particularly canine friendly were a discussion possible on such a point.  What then of the wine?  It has aromatics of deli meats, currants and raisins.  Good length on the palate rounds things out.  A good release.

Rating: Good to Very Good
Abv: 14.5%
Price: $20s
Vendors and website: http://www.teusner.com.au
Tasted: 2016

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