Osoyoos Larose Pétales d’Osoyoos 2012

Forgive my continuing North American theme (I promise I will attend to the growing mountain of new arrivals from Australia very soon!), but I just can’t help wanting to write up wines that I really enjoyed.  Here we venture quite a bit north from the Napa Valley to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  I’ve previously reviewed the 2011 of this wine (see here) rating it highly, and the 2012 tasted here is good too.  This is a very balanced wine and principally an exercise in cloves and blackcurrants.  It very much reminds of a cru bourgeois in another example of the Okanagan region’s capabilities.

Rating: Good
Abv: 13.5%
Price: C$20-C$25
Vendors and website: http://www.osoyooslarose.com
Tasted: 2016

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