Topper’s Mountain Pinotage Viognier 2012

This unusual blend proved to me that the team at Topper’s Mountain in the New England wine region (of Australia) is rather talented, producing a wine that would be good if you enjoy pinotage.  As South Africa’s unique contribution to the wine world, pinotage is a grape variety (a crossing of pinot noir and cinsaut) that can be polarising in its aromatic and flavour profile.  I’ll be frank, I don’t prefer it and was a little surprised to see it in production in Australia, but then again, credit must go out to those pushing the boundaries to see what is possible in Australia’s many wine regions.  In the glass, this wine has aromatics that remind of stone fruit (the viognier) and paint (the pinotage).  The palate has quite good depth of flavour, perhaps a little bitter on the finish, and notes of apricot kernels and gamey dark fruits.  Technically sound, it will delight some with its depth of flavour and otherness.  For me, it loses marks for enjoyment.

Rating: Acceptable, Abv: 13.5%, Price: $32, Source: sample, Vendors and website:, Tasted: 2015

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