Leconfield Merlot 2012

I’ve had some good Coonawarra merlots over the years, and so am willing to chance from time to time what is at first blush is an ostensibly unpromising combination.  I’ve said this before, but merlot in Australia appears to be a grape variety that few have the desire or will to push to its best.

Lest expectations build, let me puncture them in this case.  This particular release from Leconfield
is neat and tidy or tidy and neat if you are familiar with the literature I currently read, perfectly pleasant and yet unremarkable.  Its aromatics remind of red berries, spear mint and chocolate.  The palate is four square – that lovely English expression for solid but unremarkable – with dry tannins that are nonetheless ripe and expressions of red plums.  Well made overall.

Rating: Acceptable to Good, Abv: 14%, Price: ~$20,Vendors: http://www.wine-searcher.com/, Website: http://www.leconfieldwines.com, Tasted: 2015






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