Bream Creek Vineyard Pinot Noir 2010

From the picturesque east coast of Tasmania, Bream Creek Vineyard is a producer that I stumble across from time to time, this time at a bin end sale.  Having recalled an excellent bottle of Bream Creek Vineyard pinot noir some years ago, vintage unrecorded and whose grace and memory have improved in the telling, this bottle more or less found its own way to the counter.

The results in the glass of the 2010 pinot noir are good.  Its aromatics are restrained, even a little herbal, with notes reminding of leaf, tomato bush, wood spice and earthy overtones.  The palate changes course though, leading away from unripe characters, and instead there are neatly threaded reminders of savoury cherry and cedar, and a medium length finish.   While not corresponding to memory, this is nonetheless a stylish pinot noir.

Rating: Good, Abv: 13.7%, Price: $30, Vendors:, Website:, Tasted: 2015

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