Syrahmi Siren Heathcote Shiraz 2010

This is an interesting wine in a couple of respects; for a start, it’s very good.  But it is also more Crozes-Hermitage, than Heathcote.  Which is something of an oddity, since well known winemaker Adam Foster adopts a non-interventionist style, uses natural yeasts and does not appear to fine or filter, among other things.  He thus pays what would appear to be quite diligent homage to the tenets of terroir.  Yet the result is distinctly Rhône Valley in accent, and northern Rhône more specifically.

As it happens, I like wines from the Rhône and I probably write more about French wine than many locally, and I also like shiraz from the Heathcote region and have tasted it over a number of vintages, including older vintages.  I haven’t seen an example from either that could be mistaken for the other until this wine, and so my tentative conclusion is that the imprint of its winemaker is a factor here.

Whether that’s good or bad is of course up to you.  The wine is really quite good and so therefore I suspect it probably doesn’t matter.  What then of this wine?  It has aromatics that remind of plum, dried rosemary and thyme and dried earth.  The palate gives the impression of medium to high acidity and is rounded out by flavours of plums, dried herbs and carefully managed cedar wood characters.  There’s medium length on the finish, and this is certainly a balanced and elegant wine that warrants serious attention.  Not a typical Heathcote.  Good to Very Good

Abv: 13%
Price: $46
Tasted: 2014

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