Lowe Tinja Pinot Grigio 2013

The 2013 vintage of Lowe Wines’ Tinja Pinot Grigio is a bright pale intensity golden colour in the glass, with a touch of pink at the edges.  Its aromatics are clean, and remind of apple, pear, stone, lemons and even a touch of honey.  The palate is dry with medium acid, a very light petillance and a towards full bodied and medium intensity expression of pinot grigio, with flavours reminding of apple, pear and lemon.  The finish between short and medium in terms of length.  This is a pretty solid pinot grigio due to its balance and clean primary fruit flavours, and is ready to drink now.  Acceptable to Good

Abv: 12.7%
Price: $22
Source: sample
Vendors: Check http://www.wine-searcher.com/
Website: http://www.lowewine.com.au
Region: Orange

Source: Google Maps

Drink with: chicken salad
Tasted: 2013
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