Chateau Montrose 1982

The fill level was good.  The bottle appeared in good shape, a bit of gunk under the capsule, but not too bad.  Would the cork survive opening or break?  No, it opened cleanly – the French always seem to have those extra long corks that hold up to age … The moment of truth.  A quick sniff of the cork, and then the bottle. Joy or anger? Relief.  And then joy – no cork taint.  Earth, blackcurrants, cigar box and anise aromatics with time in the glass.  Long length, more cigar box and blackcurrants, smoke and earth on the palate.  For reasons I struggle to understand, the wine grows and grows in the glass, seemingly putting on weight and structure as the glass depletes.  The 1982 is a fabled vintage, Chateau Montrose is a fabled producer, and this a monumental wine.  Happiness.  Outstanding

Abv: n/a
Price: don’t ask
Sample: I wish
Vendors: Check
Tasted: 2012
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  1. Most of us are similarly subject to such wise counsel!

  2. Peter, you make very good points. There is certainly a strong argument that $220 is stunningly cheap for a wine of this calibre. Fortunately my better half, more strongly steeped in the value of things non-wine, keeps me grounded on such matters!

  3. I was drawn to comment on this blog, particularly your remarks about the cost of this wine. Surprisingly, you can pick up the Montrose at auction for around $220 a bottle – not cheap to be sure – but remarkable value for a 31 year old bordeaux from a great vintage. A year or two back I bought a bottle of 82 Grand Puy Lacoste at auction for a friend's 50th birthday (cost AUS $200 approx). The consensus on tasting it was similar to your notes on the Montrose above. A brilliant wine! Peter H

  4. Indeed 🙂

  5. If only we could afford to drink more of this…

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