Caymus Vineyards Special Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 1991

Even the most dedicated Australian wine consumer I suspect will have few words to say about the wines of the Napa Valley.  Certainly, my own reference points could be counted on one hand.  This is for the rather simple reasons that the region’s wines are mostly unavailable in Australia and historically were expensive when the Australian dollar was lowly by current standards.  And perhaps Australians more eagerly flock to old world wine reference points despite some common vinous paths across the Pacific.  This particular bottle was purchased soon after release and arrived on Australian shores many years ago.  It proved to be utterly outstanding.

Very special wines can for me have a sense of dual completeness to them.  They are complete in the sense of both the wine’s character and the wine’s emotive impact.   On the former, this 100% cabernet sauvignon had beguiling aromatics of anise, intense blackcurrants and cassis.  Its palate delivered earnest and long length, with deep and balanced flavours of cassis, anise and earth.  On the latter, the wine persuasively put forward its case as to why I ought never consider drinking another wine.  Outstanding

Abv: 13%
Price: Best not to ask in today’s dollars.
Vendors: Check
Tasted: 2013
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  1. Sean Mitchell Avatar

    Alontin – thanks for the tip – will look it up. This wine was kept very well, and I would suggest it probably had another 10 years to go! An amazing wine.

  2. Alontin Avatar

    I also have had good experiences with Napa Cabernet, in particular Joseph Phelps Insignia. I am surprised, though, you had such a great wine at 20 years of age. They often don't go the distance.

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