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Hoddles Creek Estate Blanc de Blancs 2010

This is an interesting sparkling wine from Hoddles Creek in the Yarra Valley and their first vintage sparkling release.

Made from 100% chardonnay, as its name suggests, and with a tiny 2g/l of dosage, Hoddles Creek’s Blanc de Blancs 2010 vintage presents as near water-white in colour.  Aromatically, it is quite expressive of its chardonnay base wine, with notes of lemon, ripe green melons and straw, and a very light biscuit character.  But mostly it reflects its primary fruit.  The palate is very dry, and finishes crisp and a bit soda like, with notes of straw, a bit of very light lemon tang and with its acidity on show.  A pinch more residual sugar would have seen the latter covered, but that is more a personal preference.  This is quite a light bodied sparkling wine and it presents itself as an interesting and good example of its style.  Good

Abv: 11%
Price: $37
Vendors: Check
Tasted: 2012

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