Cockburn’s Late Bottled Vintage Port 2006

The late bottled vintage (LBV) port style is intended to provide a snapshot of drinking a vintage port without the need for extended ageing of the wine, nor the need to shell out large amounts of cash.  It thus exists as a sort of half way house between inexpensive ruby Ports and expensive vintage Ports.  When the style works, such as with this particular wine, it represents very good value.

Cockburn’s late bottled vintage port from 2006 is largely delicious and well priced.  Ruby in colour, it has medium intensity and developing aromatics of prunes, spices, raisins, pepper, fennel seed and anise.  Its palate is medium sweet, and full flavoured, with 10 to 15 seconds of length, and flavours of prunes and plums dominating.  The spirit is integrated well, and I left the glass wishing for another.  Very Good

Abv: 20%
Price: $26.99
Source: sample
Tasted: September 2012






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  1. Paul Avatar

    I've had this a couple of times. I was seriously impressed with it the first time and marginally less so the second time, though I still thought it was good value for money. 2006 was probably the worse port vintage of the decade in the Douro, with only 2002 giving it a run for its money, therefore there was next to no vintage port made. There are two schools of thought on this, one is that because there was there was no VP made, the better quality fruit of the vintage will end up in something like this. The other school of thought says that, with a great vintage , the overall quality of fruit is higher (2003 was great and there were some cracking LBVs from that vintage to go with the supurb VPs). None the less, some of the 06 LBVs seem to be very good (I've heard that the Dow is particularly good). I'll also be interested to see what improvements are made with Cockburns now that the Symingtons own it as they only took over in 2011. Prior to that it had been a bit neglected I think. I guess that one of the first improvements is that it is now available in Australia.

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