Bay of Fires Tigress Müller-Thurgau 2003

Müller-Thurgau.  Not the most popular grape really – its reputation being somewhat linked with the 1970s, orange kitchens, New Zealand before it was successful, low quality wines, high cropped vines and mass produced German wine, in no particular order.  A friend threw this wine into a blind line-up, and it proved to be quite a good example of the variety, although my previous tastings of this style and grape are modest.

Lemon in colour, the wine has an extraordinarily reductive minerally fragrance that is not unlike riesling, rounded out by some lemon citrus and stones.  Lemons, medium acidity and medium length make up the palate.  Clearly ready to drink, this wine presents as a sort of “shadow riesling”, resembling riesling without ever really threatening to replicate it.  An interesting wine of sound quality that will deceive blind tasters far and wide.  It doesn’t look like Bay of Fires has persisted with the variety.  84-85 points (good-very good)

Abv: 12.6%
Price: n/a
Vendors: n/a
Tasted: August 2012

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