St Hallet Old Block Shiraz 2006

St Hallet’s Old Block Shiraz is one of those wines that is happily easy to find.  It would be an error however, I think, to dismiss it lightly as a consequence.  The wine is fashioned from fruit sourced from 60-100 year old vines situated in the Barossa and Eden Valleys, and this particular vintage is frankly very good indeed.  While for many this wine will recall recollections of the region, for me, this label reminds me of hearty warmth during cold London winters.

Still purple in colour, the wine opens to an expression of buttery popcorn oak and jube like fruit, before settling down to more classic and brooding plum aromatics.  The palate evidences really quite long length and is a typical Barossan expression of warm spiced plums, seasoned with a touch of pepper.  Its long length makes this wine stand out, and merit your interest.  90 points (extremely good)

Abv: 14.5%
Price: $70
Vendors: try Nicks
Tasted: June 2012

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