Albert Bichot Montagny Premier Cru 2010

Premier Cru white Burgundy for under $15?  Why not in these days of a high Australian dollar – which is being passed on now by some merchants in their pricing.  The appellation of Montagny Premier Cru is situated in the Côte Chalonnaise sub-region of Burgundy and is a chardonnay.   What then of the wine?

As a wine, unfortunately, this 2010 Montagny Premier Cru did not rise above its modest price.  I noted that the capsule did not move freely around the top of the bottle – frequently not a good sign – yet there were no other signs that the wine had been “cooked”, and the cork and fill level looked fine.  Simple lemon citrus flavours were predominant with that slight “jarring” metallic tang I sometimes find in cheaper chardonnays.  It had no particular length on the palate.  While I would not describe the wine as unenjoyable, indeed it was pleasant enough, it is not a wine that I would return to in haste.  80 points (good)

Abv: not recorded
Price: less than $15
Tasted: May 2012

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