Fraser Gallop Chardonnay 2010

I have observed Fraser Gallop’s chardonnay over a couple of years now, see reviews of the 2005 and 2009 (in an omnibus lineup at “Chardonnay day” in 2011).  I have generally identified it as a very good chardonnay that performs above, sometimes well above, its price point.  The 2010 vintage appears to be a change a style, appearing much tighter and with higher acidity on the palate.  The observation that changes are afoot seem supported by the winery’s detailed notes on the wine here.

Time well tell, but while I thought this wine was good, and opened up a bit with some time in the glass, it appeared somewhat ungiving and closed for quite some after opening.  Citrus and stone fruits dominated the aromatic profile.  Short to medium length and medium-high acidity framed the palate, in what is a restrained expression of Margaret River chardonnay.  84 points for now

Abv: 13.5%
Price: $30
Tasted: December 2011

2 thoughts on “Fraser Gallop Chardonnay 2010”

  1. I tried this a few months back and agreed that it was very tight. Interestingly, FG have released a new range – Winery. The 2011 Winery Chardonnay is supposed to be made in a Chablis style. I think this was released 6 months too early. Hard to tell if it's better than 2009, but my guess is probably.

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