Katnook Odyssey Cabernet Sauvignon 2005

Katnook’s 2005 flagship “Odyssey” cabernet sauvignon has an aroma of redcurrants, cedar, blackcurrants, vanilla and sweet nutmeg.

The palate has long length, bound together with flavours of vanilla and black fruits.  If you were inclined to search for faults, one might argue that it is a little safe and “corporate” in style, with its bold fruit and generous oak usage.  But frankly, those sorts of concerns aren’t for me as I would rather evaluate the wine based on whether I in fact like it, rather than whether its style is fashionable, and I think this is an outstanding wine worthy of serious attention.   95 points (outstanding)

Abv: 14%
Price: $100
Website: https://www.katnookestate.com.au/katnookestate/Index.php
Tasted: May 2012





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