L’Artisan Grenache Noir 2019 Wine Review

This wine review is of the L'Artisan "Le Grenache Noir" from the 2019 vintage and Jean-Claude Mas. It's from the Pays d'Oc IGP (indication géographique protégée) in the south of France. In the glass, the wine has aromas of red berries (raspberries and red plums), warm cooking spices and cedar. The palate is dry, medium... Continue Reading →

Paul Mas Viognier 2019 Wine Review

This viognier is from Paul Mas and the Pays d'Oc IGP in the south of France. It's a well made wine.  Local Australian versions of viognier can sometimes miss the mark navigating the tension between the high sugar (and alcohol) and low natural acidity of this variety. But here the wine is soft, ripe and... Continue Reading →

Triennes Rosé 2018

I wasn’t convinced by this Triennes rosé from the 2018 vintage and the IGP Méditerranée in the south of France, although I have previously enjoyed an earlier vintage (2017). Its aroma is fruity with characters reminding of lavender soap, and quite strongly so at that. The palate is better: dry, medium bodied, the acidity between... Continue Reading →

Mas d’Espanet Pinot Noir 2016

This is a good quality pinot noir from an unlikely place, namely the warm Languedoc and the Cevennes IGP in particular.  I can’t recall previously seeing this IGP.  I read that it sits in the northern, more mountainous part of the Languedoc, a region that is diverse but more grenache, syrah and carignan country.  In... Continue Reading →

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