Clos Figueras Serras del Priorat 2011

A nice looking label hides a rather tricky to evaluate wine inside.  A blend of 65% garnacha, 10% syrah, 10% cabernet sauvignon and 15% carignan, the wine leads with aromatics of leather, earth, bruised plums, iodine and some hints of confectionary, with the carignan perhaps contributing some of the wilder characters.  The palate is whereContinue reading “Clos Figueras Serras del Priorat 2011”

Alvaro Palacios Camins del Priorat 2012

Alvaro Palacios is one of “names” of Spanish wine.  The Camins del Priorat is rather obviously oaky in terms of aromatics, with reminders of plum, vanilla, bitumen and potpourri.  There’s quite long length on the palate, supplemented by fruit cake and more vanilla characters.  This is plainly a good to very good wine, and IContinue reading “Alvaro Palacios Camins del Priorat 2012”

Agnès de Cervera La Petite Agnès Priorat 2012

Forgive the minor Spanish detour, but here is another Spanish wine, this time from Spain’s other heavy weight wine region of Priorat.  It’s a blend of 85% garnacha and 15% carignan.  Better on the second day, the wine reminds of fruit cake and has a balanced and savoury palate.  A pleasant wine, if not somethingContinue reading “Agnès de Cervera La Petite Agnès Priorat 2012”

Buil & Giné "Giné Giné" Priorat 2012

This wine is good, interesting, something a bit different, but probably not something I’d quite buy for the cellar.  It is a blend of garnacha (grenache) and samsó.  The latter is a new variety for me, but the Oxford Companion to Wine identifies it as a “confusing Catalan name used for both carignan and cinsaut”Continue reading “Buil & Giné "Giné Giné" Priorat 2012”

Noster Criança Priorat 2008

This is a very enjoyable wine indeed.  For those less familiar with its region of origin, namely Priorat, it is a sparsely populated region in the hills behind Tarragona, which itself is along the Spanish Mediterranean coast south of Barcelona.  Plantings typically range from 70 to 700 metres above sea level.  This wine from NosterContinue reading “Noster Criança Priorat 2008”

Tar & Roses Miro Priorat 2006

This wine strikes me as a bit of a non-sequitur on the shelf.  An Australian brand name – Tar & Roses – and the wine made by Australian winemakers Don Lewis and Narelle King in Priorat in Spain.  I imagine there is a risk here of being neither one thing nor the other. The wineContinue reading “Tar & Roses Miro Priorat 2006”