Mitchelton Shiraz 2013

Mitchelton – no relation – produce a shiraz here from Nagambie in central Victoria whose style sits somewhere in the middle between the cooler and warmer climate style expressions of this grape variety. ¬†Its aromatics remind of spices, plums and bright cherries, its impression young and fresh. ¬†The palate doesn’t have peppery characters, but isContinue reading “Mitchelton Shiraz 2013”

Fyffe Field Verdelho Semillon 2010

Fyffe Field is located in the Goulburn Valley, and falls within the Central Victoria wine zone. ¬†I’m not sure why so many persist with verdelho as a table wine in Australia, but I guess the wine it produces is safe enough. ¬†Aromatics of lemon, lime and stone. ¬†A neutral palate reminding of lemons. ¬†Balanced, ifContinue reading “Fyffe Field Verdelho Semillon 2010”

Lark Hill Dark Horse Viognier 2012 and Terra Felix Viognier 2009

Viognier, once seen as a successor to the reign of sauvignon blanc (or is it pinot gris, gr√ľner veltliner, vermentino or the latest Greek arrival …), can be a troubling grape with its propensity for high alcohol coupled with unripe flavours. ¬†When managed well though it can produce the goods, and here are two well-pricedContinue reading “Lark Hill Dark Horse Viognier 2012 and Terra Felix Viognier 2009”

Terra Felix La Vie en Rose 2011

Gee, there’s a lot to like about this ros√©. ¬†Quite a deep pink in colour, it has aromatics of red apple, plum skins and yellow nectarine skins. ¬†In fact, I think it has a deeper colour than a 2011 pinot noir from the Yarra Valley currently on my review bench. The palate is quite fruitContinue reading “Terra Felix La Vie en Rose 2011”

Limestone Track Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Limestone Track is another small producer from the pretty rolling hills between Daylesford and Castlemaine, not far from Mt Franklin. ¬†Their 2010 cabernet sauvignon caught my eye while travelling through the region. ¬†It’s a purple coloured wine, that is bright with a pronounced depth of colour. ¬†Probably a bit darker than I was expecting, butContinue reading “Limestone Track Cabernet Sauvignon 2010”