Correfox Cava Brut Rosé NV Wine Review

I haven’t previously come across a Cava rosé. It is not a surprise to see one, with the burgeoning success of rosé as a wine category. The grape varieties do not really matter with Cava. What is to be expected is a reliable minerally wine with a touch of autolytic yeast character and a dryContinue reading “Correfox Cava Brut Rosé NV Wine Review”

A vinous round up

Here is a vinous round up of wine notes that I, for one reason or another, have not been quick enough to type out individual posts on, but nonetheless ought to be commented upon.  There are some very good wines among these.  In re-reading them, it is a bit of vinous Noah’s Ark which, moreContinue reading “A vinous round up”

Codorniu Clasico Cava NV

Codorniu is one of the two largest Spanish Cava houses, the other being its rival, Freixenet.  At less than $10 a bottle, Codorniu produce a wine of interest here in their “Clasico” Cava non-vintage blend.  This sparkling wine does not share the fault that I think many Australian sparkling wines offer at this price point,Continue reading “Codorniu Clasico Cava NV”