Dominique Piron Brouilly 2013

I visited Beaujolais last year and against the weight of popular opinion have long liked the wines of the region.  My post is here.  If the region ever returns to fashion – and it’s such a beautiful region too – all the better.  This is a Brouilly (gamay) from Dominique Piron, and is quite aContinue reading “Dominique Piron Brouilly 2013”

Last stop: Beaujolais

I couldn’t help but like the vignerons that I met in Beaujolais.  The region immediately appeared more accessible and the level of enthusiasm for this mostly unloved region more palpable.  Here, we visited the Cave du Château de ChĂ©nas, Cave du Château des Loges and the Vignerons des Pierres DorĂ©es. A view from Mt Brouilly.Continue reading “Last stop: Beaujolais”

Mommessin Château de Pierreux Brouilly 2013

The Beaujolais region is struggling, but Beaujolais crus such as this from the appellation of Brouilly around Mt Brouilly are not.  It’s a particularly pleasant wine, with typical flavours of raspberry and cherry, and a refreshing palate with little tannin.  A perfect solution for Friday night, when other wines can be “too much” after a longContinue reading “Mommessin Château de Pierreux Brouilly 2013”

Pierre-Marie Chermette Domaine du Vissoux Pierreux Brouilly 2010

Gamay seems to divide as a grape, with most it seems not taking it particularly seriously.  It is capable however of serious expression in some of the villages in the Beaujolais region, and locally there are some quality minded producers experimenting with it as well.  Personally, I quite like the grape.   This wine isContinue reading “Pierre-Marie Chermette Domaine du Vissoux Pierreux Brouilly 2010”