Golden Ball là-bas Chardonnay 2012

This Golden Ball chardonnay seems more complex and perhaps less stylistically polarising than my previous encounter with their chardonnay in an earlier vintage (2010). ¬†You can read that review¬†here. ¬†The 2012 vintage has aromatics of cedar, nectarine and pineapple. ¬†The palate is balanced with characters of cedar and nectarines, lovely fresh acidity and a longContinue reading “Golden Ball l√†-bas Chardonnay 2012”

Sorrenberg Gamay 2012

Sorrenberg from Beechworth in northern Victoria fashion a good gamay, in my humble opinion. ¬†A medium intensity ruby colour in the glass, it has light aromatics of plum skins, earth, dried herbs, blackberry and a little cedar seasoning. ¬†The palate has fine grained soft tannins, medium body and flavours reminding of earth and plum skins.Continue reading “Sorrenberg Gamay 2012”

Langtons Classification Tasting: September 2013

The Langtons auction house classification tasting has quickly become one of the “must attend” tastings on the Australian wine calendar. ¬†The Langtons¬†classification¬†is a ranking of 123 of Australia’s best wines in the categories “exceptional”, “outstanding”, “excellent” and “distinguished”. ¬†To make the grade, the wine must have at least 10 vintages, and a judgement is formedContinue reading “Langtons Classification Tasting: September 2013”

An exercise in "un" terroir in Beechworth

I recently had the good fortune to be served blind three chardonnays from Beechworth, all from the same year (2010), and all sourced from the same mature vineyard (Smith’s vineyard) situated outside of Beechworth. ¬†The thing about blind tasting is it is just that – prejudices and biases are not able to take root –Continue reading “An exercise in "un" terroir in Beechworth”