Tasmanian vineyards map

I have been slowly reading through Tony Walker’s new book Vintage Tasmania: The Complete Book of Tasmanian Wine (Providore Island Tasmania, 2014).  I won’t talk about the book now, other than to note that it has an interesting cross reference in it to a Wine Tasmania website.  Hitherto undiscovered (by me that is), Wine Tasmania has introduced a website, tasvine.org, which has attempted to locate every vineyard in Tasmania on a clickable map.  What a brilliant resource – I love it!  I hope more Australian wine regions follow suit.  If you happen to come across anything else like this, please let me know.


  1. Thanks Martin, it's fantastic to know there's some wider projects going on here. I'll check out the apps and maps too.CheersSean

  2. Glad to hear you like the Wine Tasmania site, GO. My company coordinated the development of the site four years ago. The backbone of the site –the locations of the vineyards– is the work of Vinefinders who have precisely mapped the ~5000 vineyards across Australia. Their rich and detailed database is available in the form of apps (OZ Cellar Doors and Grapes 101) and on the maps I've published.The specific purpose of the tasvine.org website is as a tool to help the grape growers communicate their grapes' status to the authorities coordinating burn-offs. The application allows the vineyards themselves to update the status of their grapes on a map that's accessible to anyone in the field on any mobile device.\”I hope more Australian wine regions follow suit.\” Me too!Thanks for the post.MvW

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