Viñedos Real Rubio Rosado 2012

There’s something rather compatible between rosado (rosé by another tongue) and summer.  This rosado is made from 100% garnacha (grenache) and is produced by Viñedos Real Rubio in Rioja in Spain.  The style will not be unfamiliar to the Australian palate, since some of the better known higher quality South Australian rosés are also based on grenache.  Aromatically, even served cold as all rosé should be, there’s interest in the glass, with notes of apple skin, crab apple and spiced pear.  Dry on the palate, there are savoury edged notes of pear and apple, with the gainly breadth of the garnacha grape tucked in by acidity at the edges.  Ready to drink now, this is a good example of its style.

Rating: Good, Abv: 13%, Price: $24.50, Source: sample, Vendors:, Website:, Tasted: 2015

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