Oakvale Ablington Vineyard Semillon 2014

Here’s a wine review from the 2014 vintage.  How quickly time passes is a source of mild alarm on my part.  It is not always apparent that the journey of life is in fact a journey.  This Hunter Valley semillon release has aromatics that remind of grass and herbs and is almost sauvignon blanc like.  The palate is dry, with a light petillance and flavours reminding of lemon and grass.  The body is towards light, and there’s a medium length finish.  Very high acidity frames this wine, and it needs something oily to cut through to achieve balance in its raw youth.    

Rating: Good, Price: $30, Abv: 10.5%, Source: sample, Vendors: http://www.wine-searcher.com, Website: http://www.oakvalewines.com.au, Tasted: 2014


  1. I did \”um and ah\” a bit on it too to be frank, thinking whether this was more in the \”Acceptable to Good\” area (at least on my humble scale) and decided in favour of \”the benefit of the doubt\”. The wine started better for me – even some stone fruits peeped in for a moment, but then its lemony acidity became quite prominent, soluble only by adding food and so of itself, it missed on balance. Clearly early picked perhaps even for the HV practice (10.5abv) but there seemed enough length on the finish to suggest a future, although patience may be in order, and not necessarily rewarded either. Your comment made me realise how many things I had neglected to say and so is very welcome 🙂

  2. I've been keen to see another review of this wine. I struggled with it personally, judging it as a young Hunter Semillon, I missed the cut and thrust counterbalanced against the sharp fruit. I tried to be kind and fair, and actually preferred once the spritz had subsided.

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