Redbank Winery Sally’s Hill Cabernet 2006

It continues to excite that it is possible to find well made cabernet sauvignon wines in unexpected places in Victoria.  This one’s from the Pyrenees in western Victoria, and it presents well.  More than once, with the notable exception of Dalwhinnie’s shiraz (which has created many imitators but few rivals), I have wondered whether cabernet sauvignon is really the grape that can produce reliable good quality wines in the Pyrenees region.

Ruby in colour, the 2006 vintage of Sally’s Hill cabernet has a muted aroma of dusty blackcurrant fruit, happily unadorned by mintiness or eucalyptus.  The palate is dry, with ripe tannins (although ever so slightly green), medium body, and balanced blackcurrant, cedar and clove flavours.  While this wine is not one for fireworks, it is a good and well priced wine that is ready to drink now and over the next couple of years.  Good

Abv: 13%
Price: $20
Vendors: check
Tasted: September 2012

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